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With great respect and curiosity I have learned how this energy is able to help us.

By being curious as a child I let the energy lead me. Let go and trust that everything will be well.

Curious as a child

The strength of the sun

Somatic bodywork

Somatic bodywork is a gentle and relaxing approach to wellbeing which uses touch, movement, consciousness of breathing and relaxation techniques. The goal is to let the receiver experience a feeling of security in order to help them relax, which will stimulate the naturally regenerative powers of the body and through this help reduce physical problems and illness.



Reiki is a form of energy transfer by moving hand over or on the body. The official name is ‘Usui Shiku ryoh’, which means ‘the power of the sun’ in Japanese. Reiki is about using universal energy to encourage mental-, emotional- and spiritual healing.







Judith’s healing education

Reiki I          

Inaugurated in 'first grade of the usui system of Reiki Healig         

Reiki II               

Inaugurated by Reiki master

Anne Nilsen

Somatic touch

Ateeka in Budapest

Somatic Bodywork​

Currently in training


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