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I am grateful for being able to combine creativity and yoga in my work. It brings me joy, focus and inner peace. 

About me

I was born in 1970 in The Netherlands where I studied Graphic Design at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam. I loved the creativity but I lost the drive because teachers and later the clients told me what to do and how to do it. I lost the fun I had in drawing and I did not touch a pencil for 25 years. 

During that time me and my husband did a lot of traveling. That gave us a lot of beautiful experiences. After many years we landed in a small village in the mountains of beautiful Norway. There were lived our dream of renovating a small farm with a handful of animals. 

​Meanwhile I tried to get back into art and drawing, but there was always too much to be done at home. In 2012 I was looking for a room where I could have my own workplace, a little atelier. Luckily I was finding a house in the center of Fyresdal. Here I had the amazing opportunity to run a studio and exhibit my work. 

Now I work from the heart and just let the creativity flow. I never know what I am going to paint and the results often surprise me happily. I love my work and the reaction that it gives to people that are visiting my little gallery.

In the last few years the gallery has been moved a few times and since 2019 the gallery can be found in an 100 years old, cozy house in the middle of the center. 

Besides the creative work me and Bouke both teach yoga. This is done outside of peak season in the living room of the gallery. 


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