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Creating ripples in the water

It was never the plan to teach yoga when I took several teacher trainers courses. I needed it for my own health. But on the way, I felt I wanted to share those positive feelings with the people around you.

Yoga helped me to accept myself and to see old patterns that I now can change.

I teach yoga because it makes people feel better about their bodies. I want to help them working towards a healthy body and a flexible mind. To learn how to connect to their own highest consciousness and connect with their inner being.

By teaching you learn so much. My students are my teachers

Through postures and breathing exercises, body, breath and mind come into balance. You will use your body, breath and voice to relax and become stronger. Yoga opens, purifies and increases your conscious which helps you take on the challenges of everyday life.

Yoga can offer you peace, silence, a great feeling of happiness, love, relaxation and pain relief. Yoga is for you. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it is for everyone. You do not have to be lean or strong, you only need to open yourself to a new experience.

I believe that yoga learn us to take better care of ourselves. If you love yourself it is easier to love the world around you. Like creating ripples in the water that leads to more love to the world. And that feeling warms my heart.

Yoga classes are taught outside of peak season by both me and my husband Bouke


Wednesday 8.30 – 9.30

Flow-time with Judith where we work with balance, strength, stretch and relaxation


Tuesday 17.00 – 18.30

A combination of somatic and supporting yoga. Bouke trains for one hour with very low paced exercises, followed by half an hour of relaxing supported with bodywork.


Please bring the following when attending the yoga classes:

A yoga mat, a blanket, warm socks and comfortable clothing.


After yoga we enjoy having a chat over a cup of tea.


We offer chair yoga upon request

If you work in shifts and aren’t able to attend all yoga classes, please reach out to us and we will find a solution.







Judith’s yoga teaching education


200 hours           


120 hours           

Special yoga for depression and burn-outs

​Kundalini yoga     

200 hours        

Yoga House

​Restorative Yoga 


Bouke’s yoga teaching education

Restorative Yoga             

250 hours           


250 hours           

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